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Travel around the world - page 2

Nicaragua (23/26-Jul)


Since I decided to skip Costa Rica, I headed to the next central american country... Nicaragua. I did not have any idea of what to find there, I mean for me Nicaragua is only famous for having been "managed" by the USA and the CIA.

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San Blas (10/14-Jul)


So finally here I was... on a boat going to the San Blas Islands in Panama. This was a 5 days trip: 2 days in the ocean and then 3 days in the islands. And now that it's finished I can tell you I was not feeling so safe about this trip but I decided to do it.

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Santa Marta (06/10-Jul)


Once a boat had been found for San Blas and Panama, I had a few days to spend... and since I had the feeling to have seen everything worth seeing in Cartagena I headed for another town nearby called Santa Marta. It is mainly famous as a vacation spot for Colombian people. On my side I did not exactly go to Santa Marta but to a village nearby called Taganga, famous around backpackers.

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La Paz (20/22-May)

After Sucre, I headed to the capital city of Bolivia, La Paz. This city is again located very high in the mountains, from 3600m to 3900m... but surprisingly there are even higher mountains around... probably something like 5000m at least.

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San Pedro de Atacama (07/15-May)

After this exhausting trip I decided to take some rest in San Pedro de Atacama. This town is a very touristic place in the middle of the most arid desert of the world, the Atacama desert. To give you an idea of what this means, there are a minimum of 330 days per year without any cloud in the sky... and on my side I did not see any.

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Through the Andes (7-May)

I know that so far I have kept the habit of writing one post per place I've been staying at... but this bus trip through the Andes has been a real experience for me, a in addition I'm planning to stay quite a long time in San Pedro de Atacama and won't publish much for a few days.

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Bariloche (26/29-Apr)

After 36 hours of bus I arrived in... Switzerland :P. Just kidding but Bariloche is considered to be the Switzerland of Argentina: mountains, lakes, chocolates, ice creams, german names, wooden buildings in the countryside... mostly because it was founded by immigrants from Switzerland.

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