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Archives - April 2009 - Travel around the world


Bariloche (26/29-Apr)

After 36 hours of bus I arrived in... Switzerland :P. Just kidding but Bariloche is considered to be the Switzerland of Argentina: mountains, lakes, chocolates, ice creams, german names, wooden buildings in the countryside... mostly because it was founded by immigrants from Switzerland.

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Puerto Natales (21/23-Apr)

As I wanted to catch the last bus going from El Calafate to Bariloche via the famous Ruta 40 before they close it for winter, I had to hurry to leave Ushuaia... I joined a couple from New Zealand and we took the bus to Puerto Natales. And after a long bus trip on the Tierra del Fuego bumpy roads we arrived in the evening in Puerto Natales and stayed in a nice hostal.

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Ushuaia (18/21-Apr)

On the 18th I rushed to get my bus leaving at 8am from Punta Arenas direction Ushuaia and la Tierra del Fuego. I bought my bus ticket at the last minute but could not get any discount for that... This trip, supposed to last 12 hours is taking me to Punta Delgado where the straits are the tightest (just a few kilometers)... and late in the evening to Ushuaïa, legendary town of la Tierra del Fuego.

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Punta Arenas (16/18-Apr)

Before leaving Valparaiso, I spent a few hours in the nearby city of Vina del Mar... Not so much to say about the most famous beach resort of Argentina as I did not spend a lot of time there. Then I took the bus back to Santiago and spent the night in the airport before heading to Punta Arenas. Then in the morning I took the plane to Punta Arenas.

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