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Sichuan (02/08-Feb)


From Hong Kong, my main trip was finally Sichuan... finally cause 24h before I was still thinking to go to Yunnan but flight tickets to Kunming raised while the ones to Chengdu fell down.

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Guilin (05/11-Dec)


After having been a tourist around Shanghai, I decided to head for the warm weather of the south, and more especially the province of Guangxi (广西), so famous for Guilin.

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Hangzhou (17/25-Nov)


After the cold Suzhou I headed (under some light snow) to the train station to catch a train to Hangzhou... hoping to find a warm hotel there to recover from my cold :)

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Nanjing (05/11-Nov)


I decided to start my tour in China by going to the region around Shanghai... well region is probably too small compared to the area really covered, probably the size of Italy.... but well this is China :P

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Qingdao (4/24-Oct)


It's been a very long time since I last wrote on my blog, but first I had lost of problems accessing it... seems like China is filtering my hosting company, and second I was extremely busy studying Mandarin.

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