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Through the Andes (7-May)

I know that so far I have kept the habit of writing one post per place I've been staying at... but this bus trip through the Andes has been a real experience for me, a in addition I'm planning to stay quite a long time in San Pedro de Atacama and won't publish much for a few days.

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Salta (05/07-May)

After another night in the bus, I ended up in the city of Salta, main city of northern Argentina. Technically there's not so much do do there as this is mainly a stage to northern Argentina like Jujuy or on my side to Chile.

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Bariloche (26/29-Apr)

After 36 hours of bus I arrived in... Switzerland :P. Just kidding but Bariloche is considered to be the Switzerland of Argentina: mountains, lakes, chocolates, ice creams, german names, wooden buildings in the countryside... mostly because it was founded by immigrants from Switzerland.

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Ushuaia (18/21-Apr)

On the 18th I rushed to get my bus leaving at 8am from Punta Arenas direction Ushuaia and la Tierra del Fuego. I bought my bus ticket at the last minute but could not get any discount for that... This trip, supposed to last 12 hours is taking me to Punta Delgado where the straits are the tightest (just a few kilometers)... and late in the evening to Ushuaïa, legendary town of la Tierra del Fuego.

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