Santiago (10/12-Apr)

Here it is, I have finally arrived in South America. And my trip has started by the capital of Chile: Santiago.

Here it is, I have finally arrived in South America. And my trip has started by the capital of Chile: Santiago. There's actually nothing really exceptional about Santiago, it looks like Buenos Aires and very familiar to the towns in Europe... But it was a good start, a good place to put the first foot on the southamerican ground. I was staying in an hostel which was described as "oldie with charm"... and when I arrived there I was definitely strucked by the "oldie" part but did not see the "charm" one :P. Basically everything in the building looked very old and needed some heavy renovation, everything was also in bad condition, the doors of some furnitures were broken, the water heating system looked "homemade" (and probably homemade 50 years ago :D), the linens of the bed had probably been used also for the same 50 years... But finally after a few days there I got used to it and discovered the "charm" part of this building, enjoy eating my empanada in the living room in the evening, walking around to the Internet café nearby, watching Dexter on my laptop in the evening... and resting. As for Santiago itself, there's not so much to say about it. Basically this town looks like Barcelona probably looked like 50 years ago, old but grand buildings which would look great with some renovation. Still I was surprised that Santiago looks really modern compared to a town like Buenos Aires... The roads are in good condition, the metro is very clean and nice and you definitely have the impression that Chile had invested a lot in its infrastructure... for good. I'm sure if I come back here in 10 years, I will feel like in Barcelona or Lyon nowadays. Appart from that, I did not do many things in Santiago, my trip was mostly about resting (and taking care of a diarhea that started in Madrid)... On Easter Friday I simply walked around downtown, seeing la Plaza del Armas and Presidential Palace. On Saturday I went to some hill with the statue of a virgin, climbed el Cerro de Santa Lucia which Charles Darwin enjoyed so much and that's pretty all. Then on Sunday morning I took the bus to Valparaiso, where I'm staying currently :)

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