Sucre (18/19-May)

After Uyuni I decided to take the night bus to the more interesting town of Sucre... Supposedly 9 hours of bus but technically requiring 11 hours (bolivian magic).

This was supposed to be an uneventfull trip, resting after the not so much sleep 3 days in 4X4... but was far from that. While waiting for the bus I met a couple of french people going to Potosi. They had big luggages (not bagpacks) and were carrying a laptop in their luggage. They went into the bus first while on my side after placing my main bagpack in the compartment below the bus I stayed there keeping an eye to make sure that nobody decided to take it away (I had read many bad stories about that in Bolivia on Internet), then finally went into the bus. While I went in I was surprised to see 2 bolivians exiting the bus (usually people go into the bus, not out :P) and went to my seat waiting for the departure. After a few minutes the french woman discovered panicked that their hand luggage (and their laptop, credit cards...) placed in the overhead compartments had disappeared... (on my side I always keep my luggage in my feet even if thats not comfortable at all). Following this the police came, everyone had to go down the bus... It was a little bit of a mess. For sure there was no real harm (they had insurrance probably) but on my side I was shocked. I had not feel so unsafe in my trip so far. Afterwards the trip went OK and I arrived in Sucre in the morning. Sucre is a really nice town, helping me forget this bad first experience of Bolivia: many colonial buildings, all white, nice landscape, good restaurants (and great licuados... fruits juices with water or milk) and very cheap!!! (a good meal costs 3 euros, the 9 hours bus trip to Sucre costed only 6 euros...). I ll post some pictures later. No direction La Paz and afterwards Titicaca lake !!!

Photos here

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