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La Paz (20/22-May) - Travel around the world

La Paz (20/22-May)

After Sucre, I headed to the capital city of Bolivia, La Paz. This city is again located very high in the mountains, from 3600m to 3900m... but surprisingly there are even higher mountains around... probably something like 5000m at least.

The thing that strikes you first when you arrive in the terminal de bus de La Paz is the noise... travel agents screaming "Oruro, oruro...", others "Cocachamba, Cocachamba"... and so on for all the different cities in Bolivia. And even if you leave the bus station the noise is still there as, instead of having buses for local transportation, La Paz is using what they call "micros": minivans and even cars converted for public transportation where you pack at 6 people. And all these drivers try to attract people by shouting where they're going at which price.... and using the horns of their cars all the times for different purposes. Still I have to highlight that all these are very cheap, less than 0.1€ to go anywhere in La Paz. Otherwise La Paz is a strange town. It is definitely a big city with more than 1 million inhabitants but all the commerce seems to happen in small shops and more often in the streets only. I did not see any supermarket or big shops downtown. For this it reminds me of the chinese markets. Still this is quite nice as these markets are very colorful because of all the colorful clothes and covers used by indian people. Right now I'm heading for Titicaca lake and the nearby city of Copacabana (nothing to do with Brazil though), my last stop before Peru.

Photos here