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Titicaca Lake (22/23-May) - Travel around the world

Titicaca Lake (22/23-May)

After La Paz I continued my trip going to the world famous Titicaca lake, sometimes considered in books as the highest navigable lake in the world (3800m).

My trip around Titicaca lake started with a first stop in Copacabana which is on Bolivian side, close to the Peruvian border. From there I took a boat (very very very slow boat) to la Isla del Sol, where according to the Incas the Sun was born. (close by there is the Isla de la Luna where the Moon was born) Appart from being able to say "I've been there", I still don't really understand the interest of this trip to Isla del Sol. I guess - as other people told me afterwards - I should have spent one day & one night on the Isla del Sol to enjoy it... but I'm still very doubtfull. The place is nice for sure, the landscape too... but that's all. And the Stairways of the Incas is not of a much interest. The next day I headed to the Peruvian side to the city of Puno. The town of Puno is already more interesting than Copacabana... the only problem is that the prices are Peruvian prices and no more Bolivian prices, therefore much more expensive. In the afternoon I took a boat to see the floating islands of the Uros. The Uros are an Indian tribe, which a few hundred years ago had to flee from the Titicaca lake coast and decided to establish themselves on the lake. Therefore they built some "islands" with plants and mud... and they still live there. And that's... amazing. I knew about them from a manga from my childhood ("the Golden Cities" / "Les Cites d'Or") and it was just like in the manga. Impressive. In the evening I took a night (and cold) but to Cuzco to continue my trip on Incas steps.

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