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Cuzco (24/30-May) - Travel around the world

Cuzco (24/30-May)

I guess this is the post you're all awaiting for: the magnificient Cuzco and the legendary Machu Pichu...

The next stop of my trip was the highly touristic city of Cuzco... I arrived there at 4am of a very cold night and therefore headed to the first hostal which I could find. It was supposed to be just 3 blocks from the Plazza de Armas... and proved to be more like 30 :P. So I decided to change to a more convenient place afterwards. Cuzco used to be the capital of the Incas and used to be the place where all the Incas palaces were located. Then when the Spaniards invaded Peru, they logically made out of Cuzco the Capital of the viceroyalty of Peru (which consisted of South America :P). This place is therefore host of many old buildings. The good thing is that due to the numerous tourists visiting Cuzco every year, they decided to restore all these buildings making of this town a very nice place to stay... and also very safe compared to other places in Peru. Still after spending several days resting and walking around Cuzco I booked a trip to the Valle Sagrado and Machu Pichu... which was delayed by one day because of a strike. Well the Sacred Valley of the Incas is quite nice but not as extraordinary as it could be. I mean there are a lot of old Incas buildings but most got destroyed by the Spaniards. All you can do is imagine how things were before... looking at the ruins. After that I took the (extremely expensive) train to Aguas Caliente to see Machu Pichu. I arrived there at 11pm (I was supposed to arrive there at 9pm but the Peru Rail had lost the locomotive :P)... rested for a few hours in an hospedaje before waking up at 4am to catch the bus to Machu Pichu. Being there within the firsts allowed me to get a ticket to climb Wayna Pichu, one mountain which holds a great view over Machu Pichu. The climb is extremely tiring, with high stairs and is kind of stressful sometimes. On top lies a temple... As for Machu Pichu itself, it is definitely very impressive. The people living here must have had a great view over the valleys around. But still building this city here was very crazy. We're definitely very lucky that the Spaniards never heard about it and never destroyed it. I wonder how this place will be in a few years... The Peruvian are afraid that it gets destroyed by too many tourists and are thinking about closing it or at least limiting the amount of tourists each day. At the same time, they are restoring some buildings... Maybe in 20 years these buildings will look alive again, hosting some shops and restaurants? Well after a tiring day I ended up in Cuzco again before taking a bus to Lima.

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