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Palmira (10/14-June) - Travel around the world

Palmira (10/14-June)

From Quito, the plan was to go to Colombia and Bogota... The only problem was that the only bus company making the trip directly there was extremely expensive.

Therefore I decided to make it a little bit more adventurous: take a bus to the colombian border, cross the border, then take a taxi to the nearby city of Ipiales... and finally a night bus to Cali (and from there later a bus to Bogota). And surprinsingly everything went fine... or at least as fine as it could be: the computer system in the ecuadorian border was dead and therefore everyone had to wait a looooooong time to be allowed to exit Ecuador. On my side I spent only 1.5 hours but other people waited there for more than 4 hours. Well... finally I made it to Cali. And actually decided to stay in the suburbs, in a town called Palmira. There I joined some friends but did not do much except from resting, walking around a little bit, eating different kinds of crazy food (including the famous chicharon :D)

Photos here

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