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Bogota (14-Jun/03-Jul) - Travel around the world

Bogota (14-Jun/03-Jul)

So finally I reached Bogota, the major stop of my way northwards to Mexico as, thanks to my job, I know several people there and had initially planned to stay there to rest and relax after those long months of bus.

Technically there´s not much to say on my stay in Bogota. I stayed long for sure but did not do so many special things. I mostly stayed home working on computer (trying to set up something to earn some money via Internet), rested, went out see some friends... Quite uneventfull. Still I did not stay completely inactive and went to some places I had never been to: the Cerro de Montserrate which at more than 4000m provides a good view over Bogota which you reach by funiculaire or teleferico. It was nice to go there... but it was raining and I did not appreciate it that much. Then I´ve been to the impressive Museo del Oro (Gold Museum). The fact is that Colombia was once the center of trade of the Conquistadors in South America. All the Gold of South America (Peru, Bolivia...) went to Colombia to be exchanged against slaves or sent back to Spain. Still I can say that according to what I saw in the museum there is still a lot of gold in Colombia :) I´ve been also doing several day trips around Bogota: to the famous Cathedral de Sal - some kind of Cathedral in an old salt mine, to the salt mines of Nemocon... The fact is that Colombia once was covered by an ocean... which disappeared, leaving lots of salt available for mining. And finally I went to the world famous restaurant/disco Andres Carne de Res: a huge place where 3000 people can take place, with great music - I really love south american music: merengue, salsa, regaetton, bachata... I really had a good time there (though not my wallet! the least expensive beer is 9000 Ps = 3 euros... which is a lot in Colombia) As a matter of fact I stayed slightly longer than expected as I was first hoping to renew my passeport (almost full thanks to those nice south american countries who needs 1 page per stamp) and resting... But finally I´m back on the road again! Actually not road as I decided to take a cheap plane (50 euros) to Cartagena of the Indias, on the colombian atlantic coast... where I am right now, trying to plan a trip by boat to the San Blas Islands in Panama.

Photos probably much later (when I reach Panama)