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Cartagena (03/06-Jul) - Travel around the world

Cartagena (03/06-Jul)

Reaching Cartagena was a pleasure... imagine skipping 24 hours!!! In these conditions, the 1 hour flight was really enjoyable even if the arrival in Cartagena was a little bit "bumpy" :D

The first thing that strikes you when you arrive in Cartagena is that it's really hot, the second is that it's really humid. Otherwise the city I arrived in seemed really great: many old colonial buildings old different colors, a wall protecting the city and the harbour from attacks, many restaurants, bars... reall great. The fact is that Cartagena was the main port of the Spaniards in south america. All the boats coming from Africa with slaves stopped here to pick up the gold for Spain. So the city was rich. In Cartagena, my main activity was trying to find a boat for Panama. The fact is that there is no regular service to Panama but instead there are some people with boat which accept to make the trip against some money... though that's expensive and that's not so easy to organize. Finally I ended up in the Yacht Club of Cartagena (a grand name for some not so nice bar) and found a couple of Spanish people going there... the only problem being that they were only leaving on Friday... while as I'm late I wanted to leave earlier. There was also a Colombian guy called Tilson who had a nice boat, but when I looked on internet I found 2 people complaining about him, as being annoying, not reliable.... So I chose the Spanish couple. In the meantime I decided to go to Santa Marta, a beach resort close to the venezulian border. As for Cartagena, I did not do much there as I was busy with the organization of the trip to San Blas / Panama. Still I had some time to visit the old town and the castle, which were nice. I also took some salsa classes in a bar, which definitely showed me that french people are not made for dancing :) Otherwise I started to see that if the old Cartagena is nice, Cartagena is not really a nice place... The burroughs around the old town are very poor and kind of dangerous. And even in the old town, there is a lot of prostitution... and it's not that safe. Still it is really a nice town to visit.

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