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Santa Marta (06/10-Jul) - Travel around the world

Santa Marta (06/10-Jul)

Once a boat had been found for San Blas and Panama, I had a few days to spend... and since I had the feeling to have seen everything worth seeing in Cartagena I headed for another town nearby called Santa Marta. It is mainly famous as a vacation spot for Colombian people. On my side I did not exactly go to Santa Marta but to a village nearby called Taganga, famous around backpackers.

From Taganga, I'll remember 2 things: the mosquitos and the sunburn :P. As for the mosquitos, they are very strong, resisting all the products I had brought from France and even the ones bought in Colombia. So I ended up with a lot of mosquito bites. As for sunburn, I discovered that you took take sunburns by staying in a swimming pool... in the shadow. And avoiding the swimming pool was really difficult as it was really HOT. Well... after complaining, I should say that I liked my stay in Taganga. The hostel I was staying in was very welcoming and the swimming pool very good... In Taganga itself I did not go to the beach which did not look so nice but I ended up on beach front all the time, drinking fruit juices and going to cheap restaurants. (in Cartagena everything was made for rich tourists, while Taganga being a backpackers spot, places are made for backpackers... and prices too) From Taganga I also spent one day in Parque Tayrona, a wild park nearby famous for... many things. The visit starts with a walk of one hour in the jungle, where you hear many noises... but don't see anything except some ants and a monkey far away. THen you reach THE beach. It looks like the beaches from the movies where Christopher Columbus discovers America. It was really impressive. Sadly you cannot swim there as it's really dangerous but nearby you got a kind of protected beach which is close to Paradise... I'm sure there are many other things to see in Parque Tayrona (outside other kinds of mosquitos) but I could not leave this beach... and spent most of my day there, trying to avoid other sunburns (without success though). After Taganga I headed back for Cartagena where the boat was expecting me.

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