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Nicaragua (23/26-Jul) - Travel around the world

Nicaragua (23/26-Jul)

Since I decided to skip Costa Rica, I headed to the next central american country... Nicaragua. I did not have any idea of what to find there, I mean for me Nicaragua is only famous for having been "managed" by the USA and the CIA.

Well, Nicaragua was a good surprise... There are probably a lot of other places to go to, like beaches, jungles... but what I have seen was nice, and also much cheaper than Costa Rica. I started by landing in Granada, which is a nice colonial town south of the capital. It lies near a lake and is really nice even if not in good condition. For me the biggest problem was the hostal... I ended up sleeping in a room with no solid roof and no way to close it. Therefore a lot of mosquitos came in at night, really devoring me. Next day I headed north, to the capital, Managua. I did not like this town so much, it's big and there is no real city center. The old town was destroyed in an earthquake in 1972. And last point, it's dangerous... You should never go out at night, and even during days there are many places you should not walk in. Still nearby there are som nice landscapes, volcanoes.... and it was nice to walk around, even if it was raining all day. The fact is that July is the wet season here. For this reason and also because I do not know how the situation will evolve in Honduras, I decided to continue my trip north to Salvador. Due to the potential civil war the border with Honduras was closed the day before... and I was a little bit afraid of how things would go. As for Nicaragua, I should also talk about the people as I was really surprised. All the people we met were really nice and helpful, contrarily to all the people we met in Costa Rica.

Well that's all for today.

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