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Mexico (01/13-Aug) - Travel around the world

Mexico (01/13-Aug)

Mexico, the last step of my south american trip. The trip to Mexico was kind of... uncertain, as well as its exact schedule, because of the developpments related to the swine flu disease.


From Guatemala I took a bus to Mexico and the city of Palenque... Palenque is a really nice little city, and the advantage of arriving there on week-end is that it was a fair every evening, featuring dancing shows and night markets. Nearby lies the old Palenque which was a Maya town. It was really different from Tikal... as very touristic, probably smaller but in much better condition. As for the swine flu, nobody was wearing a mask, no news about in the news... so I decided it was safe where I wanted to go. I therefore headed to the Yucatan city of Merida, a really nice colonial city close to the coast... and very touristic. It seems I could not avoid sitting next to french people in restaurants. From there I visited the nearby Maya town of Uxmal, before heading to Valladolid which is close to Chichen Itza.... the temple of the tourists here. Tens of buses, thousands of people, of sellers, of... Actually Chichen Itza is the one I liked the less, probably because of all these tourists. Then I headed to Tulum, on the coast south of Cancun and Playa del Carmen, where I spent 5 days in a resort, resting, enjoying the beach, the swimming pool, the jacuzzi... And now I'm here in Mexico city, waiting for my flight back to France!


As for the follow-up of my sabbatical leave, I'll be staying a few weeks in France, mostly for my brother's wedding and the renewal of my passport, then I should head for Japan till end of September and finally China. I did not book the course yet, but I plan to be taking 3 weeks of Mandarin courses in Qingdao in October before traveling around China...