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Tokyo (10/15-Sep) - Travel around the world

Tokyo (10/15-Sep)

So finally, after 3 weeks of "vacations" in France I flew to Japan with my mom... to spend 3 weeks there, before going to China.

Actually these were far from being vacations as I spent all my time visiting people, managing my passport renewal, preparing my trip to Japan and China... I ended up being quite tired but was able to rest a few days in Paris before taking my BUSINESS flight to Tokyo! There was a promotion with Air France and if I wanted to use my miles to go to Japan, I had to fly in business. In Japan the plan was to land in Tokyo, stay there a few days before going west to Kyoto, Osaka... and other places not defined yet. So we finally spent 5 days based in Tokyo, visiting the town and going to near places like Kamakura or Yokohama. I have always been crazy about Japan and always dreamed to come here... Maybe cause I enjoyed animes, or because I love history and Japan has kind of a complicated and rich history. Well whatever we ended up visiting different kind of places, modern and "old" ones... Still, honnestly I'm not really crazy about the buildings. The temples are just temples, most of them having been built only recently (having being destroyed during the 2nd World War)... and well, bhoudist temples in Japan do not differ so much from the ones in China. And as for the skyscrappers... Tokyo skyscrappers do not look very different from the ones in Shanghai, Singapore or Hong Kong... But I still enjoy my trip here, cause I find people and food really interesting! Well, everyone knows about Japanese food, even if people always think it only consists of raw fish and sushi... but Japanese food is much richer than that. And everything tastes good. As for the people, they are "different", in Tokyo at least. I should say that lots of people dress very strangely (for me), especially people in their 20s. I was also able to see some cozplay (people dressed like manga characters). I was also surprised by the way things are organized, contrarily to what people usually think, Japanese are not always efficient and a lot of low qualification jobs exist here... much more than in France I would say. And these people seem to have a high opinion of their job as they do it with their heart, doing their best, even if it consists in openning an elevator door! And I should talk also about the crazy toilets... ahaha. With heated seat, sprinklers to clean "back" and "front" after and things... The first time comes as a surprise. Well I hope you'll enjoy all the pics.

Regarding the plan, today we're leaving for Kyoto where we should stay a few days to visit the town, make an excursion to Nara and probably we'll go visit Himeji castle, maybe Kobe... and maybe head for Shikoku or the inner sea coast. On 27th we'll come back to Tokyo as my mom is flying back to France on that day. On my side I don't know yet how I'll leave Japan. I need to be in Qingdao on 4-Oct and will probably take a flight there... having to stop in Shanghai or Beijing on the way. The other possibility is to take a boat... but it seems the boat times are not so convenient. So we'll see.

Photos here