Kyoto (16/20-Sep)

After Tokyo we headed to Kyoto, the classic choice for foreign tourists in Japan, visiting first the hyper-modern Tokyo and second the traditional Kyoto.

Actually I got a little bit disappointed by Kyoto. I mean there are a lot of nice temples, palaces or many other things, but it's really scattered around the town and not so easily accessible... and the town in itself is not really interesting or beautiful. But otherwise I really enjoyed visiting the imperial palace and seeing the world famous golden palace. We also saw some zen gardens, I guess it started when someone decided to try grow some stones, without success :P.... We also visited the geisha disctrict... though did not see any geisha show as the price is a little bit prohibitive. We found also some kind of samourai shop :DDD... a place where you kind buy katanas and samourai armors. It was quite nice though I ended up buying only a t-shirt... as the other things were slightly expensive (a katana ranges from 2000 to 30.000 euros!!!) We also made from there a day-excursion to the former imperial town of Nara... which finally was not really interesting :(

Photos here

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