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Osaka (20/22-Sep) - Travel around the world

Osaka (20/22-Sep)

After Kyoto, we headed westward to the nearby city of Osaka... the 2nd or 3rd biggest city in Japan.

Kind of strangely we liked this city more than Kyoto or Tokyo... though actually we did not stay long there. On week-end, this city was very lively with lots of people in the streets, going out, partying... and the people there seem more "complicated" that the people in Tokyo. People smile at you, are happy to see you in restaurants, to help you... It sounded similar to the difference there is between Paris and the rest of France. But maybe this was just an illusion, because we did not meet the right people in Tokyo, or because I spoke less Japanese at that time. Whatever we liked this place. We spent the first day walking around... a lot, the highlight of the day being the floating garden tower which gives you nice view over the town, the bridges, the sea. Well otherwise there's nothing extraordinary about Osaka, the castle is made out of concrete, the skyscrapers are "high tech", the sushi are really good and cheap (compared to Tokyo). The second day we made a day trip to the city of Himeji, whose castle is the most famous of Japan. It was really worth seeing it, very impressive. Though I have to say, that this Monday being a holyday here, the most impressive was the queue, probably long of several kilometers. So we ended up not visiting the main tower... and coming back earlier in Osaka, which was good cause I was late with my blog :P

Photos here