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Nagoya (22/23-Sep) - Travel around the world

Nagoya (22/23-Sep)

After Osaka, we headed back in the direction of Tokyo. We were thinking to go maybe to Kyushu or Shikoku, but my mom leaves next Monday so this would not have left much time there. So finally we decided to go to central Japan... which started by Nagoya.

I don't know if you've ever heard about Nagoya, it's one of the biggest towns in Japan (4th?) with something like 2 millions inhabitants... On my side I just new about the airport codes and about the Nagoya Grampus Eight which as far as I remember were coached by Arsene Wenger. Well after spending more or less one day there, I don't know much more... The town seemed really dull to me. We went to visit Nagoya-jo (the castle), but it was one of those castles destroyed then rebuilt after the war... in concrete, with elevators and other things. Inside were many objects like katanas, samourai armors, paintings... but not really great. The town itself features some nice buildings, modern ones, but nothing really exceptionnal. And the life seems to stop at 6pm when shop close. So in the end we did not enjoy this town so much and left the day after for the mountains and Katayama.

Sorry no pictures... I took some but they are like the town, not so interesting.