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Sendai (28/30-Sep) - Travel around the world

Sendai (28/30-Sep)

After leaving my mom to the airport I departed to Niigata (nono... there's no mistake, the title of this post is Sendai but I said I was going to Niigata, you're right :P )

So then yes, I took a train to Niigata... which is a town on the sea of Japan. When I arrived there my first thought was "what an ugly town". I guess it's not fair to make this kind of comment as the town far from the train station must be nicer. I'm sure of that actually. Then I went to find an hotel, the one I thought about going was full, I could not find the other one and finally the others are checked were full too. Finally I decided to take another long train for my next stage... Sendai. This forced me to go back almost to Tokyo and spend 4 more hours in the train. Sendai is on the other side of the Alps, on the Pacific Ocean. It's famous as being a town where a lot of typhoon arrive.... and according to the signposts, tsunamis too. This town is actually both quite big and not too big... really a good place to be, and quite nice too. And close to Sendai there is a nice little town called Matsushima... supposed to have one of the most beautiful landscape in Japan. With the grey sky it was not crazily beautiful but it was quite nice though. I let you appreciate the landscape with islands, red bridges and other things.

Photos here