Hong Kong (24/27-Oct)

So after Qingdao, I had to spend something like 10 days in the lovely Hong Kong to renew my Chinese visa. Visas are easy to get there and much cheaper than from France.

hongkong.gif I don't have much to say about Hong Kong, I've been there many times and know the place quite well. For once though I stayed on HK island which gave me the occasion to discover this part a little bit better. Otherwise I just enjoyed being there, eating Po-tat, going to Hui Lau Shan and walking around... I also bought one new cellphone cause my panamean cellphone could not read Chinese, which proved a little bit annoying when you are staying in China and receiving messages in Chinese (like plane information or hotel address). Appart from that, I went to cinema, spent one afternoon in Cheung Chau and went out to the usual places in Wanchai and LKF. I found also a place to store all the books I had from Qingdao that I did not want to carry in China

Then I headed back to China... the plan being to go first in November around Shanghai, then go south in December, to Guilin and Kunming.

Photos here

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