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Suzhou (11/17-Nov) - Travel around the world

Suzhou (11/17-Nov)

After Nanjing, I took the train direction the chinese Venice... Suzhou, famous for its canals and gardens.

Well taking the train was already some kind of experience. I mean that you have to ask for where you wanna go to the cashier (no problem for that... I knew how to pronounce my destination and had also written it to be sure. But well the cashier started to ask many questions which I did not understand. So I kept on repeating XianZai - 先在 - now - and after a while she agreed to give me a ticket. Turned out to be not that complicated complicated to the following trip... but that's another story. Regarding Suzhou... it's... how can I say... special. There are canals everywhere with old wooden houses (in good or bad condition), really some kind of Venice. The first impression I got when arriving there was "whow"... I mean I had not checked any photos before coming so was just impressed. Adding to that that I was staying in a hostel in one of these old wooden houses, this was really something. Then in all the parts of the towns are some nice chinese gardens. As a matter of fact the name "garden" is probably inappropriate (wrong translation of 园?) as a garden consists of one or more gardens, lakes but also little houses, salons, verandas, terraces... Well you will probably think that everything was perfect there... well no. It was VERY cold and rainy while I was there. And well the hostel was nice, but very cold (seems like they have some housing design problems as there was a huge hole between the doorframe and the wall... so I got a cold and spent a lot of time in the hostel in the room with all my clothes :P. But I guess Suzhou must be great in Spring (I mean appart from the mosquitos obviously :P)

Photos here