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Guilin (05/11-Dec) - Travel around the world

Guilin (05/11-Dec)

After having been a tourist around Shanghai, I decided to head for the warm weather of the south, and more especially the province of Guangxi (广西), so famous for Guilin.

So I arrived in Guilin... and got kind of disappointed by the weather, it's cold out there! The town is nice, modern, but it's also extremely touristic and if you wanna do anything you have to pay lots of money. Still the view of this city surrounded by pics is really impressive. There I went to visit a cave... which had nothing to do to the caves you can usually visit elsewhere. Chinese people placed many different color lights making it look sometimes like a disco hahaha. In the midle of the town there is also a big mountain which gives you a good view over the surroundings... shame that the weather was grey. From there I decided to head south, to a little village called XingPing. This village is not really famous but it's view definitely is. The fact that nearby this village is the view of the 20RMB bills, with the pics, the Li river and little boats. I somehow arrived there randomly and really liked it. It's VERY touristic too but people are really nice and welcoming. The only problem was that there was no electricity (and therefore no warming, no internet, no light, no cellphone) during most of my first day there. Still the hostel was great and the surroundings really nice. I went on a small cruise on Li river on some kind of very small bat, went bicycling... Then I came back to Guilin and made a chinese tour to the Longsheng rice terraces. The "normal" tour costs 500 RMB but this Chinese one costed only 150 RMB which decided me to go. Money starts to be missing now so I'd better be careful if I wanna have some money to go back to France. This tour to the Longsheng terraces stopped by a Yao minority village which was closed just a few years ago. This tour is very touristic too but definitely worth doing.

Photos here