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Hong Kong (21-Dec/26-Feb) - Travel around the world

Hong Kong (21-Dec/26-Feb)

It's been quite a long time since I last wrote here but my travel life has kind of been lazy...

The fact is that I have been kind of tired of travelling, tired of having to move all my stuff every other day to a new hostel... missing to have a place of my own. So since Christmas I decided to rent a flat in Hong Kong. Well I can tell you that Hong Kong is a very expensive place. But finally rented a small but really nice flat in the famous district of Wanchai. Wanchai is a nice area on Hong Kong island, famous for its bars... and hookers bars. But actually I seldom went to these bars as I prefer the area of Lan Kwai Fong in Central. As for my activities in Hong Kong, they mostly consisted in going to Mandarin classes and seeing some friends. As a matter of fact I already know Hong Kong quite well so I did not really visit anything. And regarding my classes, I found a nice way to continue my mandarin classes. I found a girl from Hangzhou learning french who wanted to exchange some mandarin classes agains french classes. This was cheap as appart from the coffee (lessons were taking place at Starbucks) we did not have to pay anything. The main drawback was that it was taking a lot of time, maybe 3 hours per day... but well as I'm on vacations I had plenty of time. In the end, maybe I did not work really hard but got the impression to make some progress and gain some confidence in my skills. Appart from that I met many people in Hong Kong, especially some other French as there is a big french community here. Strangely French love Hong Kong and many decide to stay there while English, Germans, Americans, Aussies... enjoy partying here but no more. Strange.

Well appart from some trips to different places, I'm going to stay here till end of February... when I'll go back to France and Airbus.