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Koh Samui (04/10-Jan) - Travel around the world

Koh Samui (04/10-Jan)

As I found some very cheap flight tickets to go there, I decided to go spend my birthday on the sandy beaches of Thailand.

Koh Samui is a beach resort similar to many other ones in Thailand, I guess, especially to Phuket if you've ever been there... which is not my case. There are lots of foreigners there, on vacations or living there... and it's been the first time I saw so many gweilos (white ghosts in cantonese = westerners) in one place since I left France. It's actually a little bit disturbing sometimes to find some old foreigners with younger thai girls... it's a very common sight and you cannot help having some bad thoughts about this. Still it seems some of these old guys at least live here and are actually married to the girl in question... and age difference is actually not that important as the girl is maybe 45 while the guy is maybe 60. And all in all, everyone's happy this way. In Koh Samui there are also a lot of motorbikes... and many foreigners with damaged legs or arms, this being probably linked to the fact that these motorbikes are very cheap to rent. In Koh Samui I did not do many things... I went to some Natural Reserve in the islands do some snorkeling and kayaking, went to some bars to enjoy the cheap cocktails, listen to live music and watch some football games on TV (Thais are crazy of Premier League). I obviously enjoyed the beach, swimming in the big waves... and being lazy. Still I had one big problem on arrival... the hostel I booked did not have any room available for me. They got some explanation about a big rain one of the other days which made some rooms not available. Honnestly I do not really believe it... I guess they just sold the room for a higher price to someone else. I ended up in a not so nice hostel, with noisy room... spent sometime compaining to the hostel itself and to the online website I booked the hostel with... and finally was upgraded the next day to a bigger and nicer room in the original hostel :)))

Well whatever I had a great vacation there even if for just a few days :)

Photos here